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35 Absolute Best Anime Girls With White Hair [2021 List]

Hair colors in Anime represent many forms and the nature of the characters. Anime Girls with White Hairs, Silver, Grey, and Platinum are mostly represented with innocence and this mysterious otherworldly magical trait. White Hair girls with their unusual traits are mostly unique and separated from the other characters which makes them really special.

Here is the List of best anime girls with white hair with the best personalities and beauty.

Anime Girls with White Hair

35. Alka from Blade & Soul

Anime Girls With White Hair - Alka from Blade & Soul

Alka is the main character of the anime Blade & Soul. She is Voiced by Takao, Yuki.

She is a member of the Tsurugi Clan who are a group of highly skilled assassin who operate behind the shadows, she fearless, proficient and extremely loyal to her clan’s code, she doesn’t talk a lot and often very laconic with her answers, she is identified by a large swallowtail butterfly mark on her left armpit.

34. Togame from Katanagatari

Anime Girls With White Hair - Togame from Katanagatari

Togame is the Main Character of Katanagatari. She is voiced by Tamura, Yukari.

Togame is the shogunate’s self-titled “strategian.” She is physically weak but mentally superior, though she is not immune to lapses in judgment and bouts of clumsiness.

33. Orphelia Landlufen from The Asterisk War

Anime Girls With White Hair - Orphelia Landlufen

Orphelia Landlufen is a Supporting Character from The Astreak War. She is voiced by Sakamoto, Maaya.

When she was a child, Orphelia originally had brown hair. Orphelia is a long white hair anime girl and red eyes. She wears the Rewolf female uniform along with elbow length gloves and white tights.

32. Alice Nakiri from Shokugeki no Soma

Anime Girls With White Hair - Alice Nakiri

Alice Nakiri is a supporting character from Shokugeki no Soma. She is voiced by Akasaki, Chinatsu.

Alice has short silver hair with a left bang that is longer than the rest of her hair. She has fair skin and red eyes and tends to wear the beige Tootsuki vest uniform instead of the standard school uniform, and her cooking uniform is a short-sleeved chef’s uniform with red accents on her cuffs and collar.

Alice has a very demanding personality that seems to emphasize her Nakiri upbringing. She’s bossy and pushy and will do what it takes to get her way, utilizing not only her personality but also her incredibly advanced cunning and wit.

31. Tomoyo Sakagami from Clannad

Anime Girls With White Hair - Tomoyo Sakagami

Tomoyo Sakagami is one of the major heroines of Clannad and the title character of its sequel visual novel. She is voiced by Kuwashima, Houko.

Tomoyo Sakagami is a beautiful teenage girl. She has long, straight, silver hair that reaches her upper thighs. She wears a black headband, and she has messy bangs and locks of hair framing her face. Tomoyo has navy blue eyes and a stoic expression.

Tomoyo is a classic tomboy, always behaving coolly in every situation. She is a responsible and hardworking girl with intelligence and athletic ability. Despite being a tough girl, she hates initiating fights. Tomoyo is a Kuudere as she is a girl of few words.

30. Isla from Plastic Memories

Anime Girls With White Hair - Isla

Isla is the main character from Plastic Memories. She is voiced by Amamiya, Sora.

Isla is one of the shortest characters in the series. Her long, white hair with purplish tint is usually seen in pigtails. She has red eyes and usually wears a white Terminal Service uniform with black and orange accents. She is extremely clumsy and retreating in her personal life, but her true personality is revealed to be slightly childish, lively, fun-loving, and caring.

29. Akiho Kousaka from My Girlfriend is Shobitch

Anime Girls With White Hair - Akiho Kousaka

Akiho Kousaka is the main female protagonist from My Girlfriend is Shobitch. She is voiced by Yuuki, Aoi.

Akiho has absolutely no experience with intimate relationships and thus tends to over analyze this topic in her nervousness. She has the habit of casually approaching sexual topics, a trait which was ingrained into her by her mother at a young age.

28. Senpai from Magical Sempai

Anime Girls With White Hair - Senpai from Magical Sempai

Senpai is the main character from Magical Sempai. She is voiced by Hondo, Kaede.

No name has ever been revealed about Magic sempai. All that we know is that she is a very clumsy and air headed magician who is very self centered and very prideful. She has a tremendous amount of stage fright and tends to mess up most of her tricks in front of others. She does has a cheery exterior and and a strong passion for magic!

She sometimes gets herself in awkward situations and positions and Assistant-kun always has the butt end of the joke.

27. Anna Nishikinomiya from SHIMONETA

Anime Girls With White Hair - Anna Nishikinomiya

Anna Nishikinomiya is the main character from SHIMONETA. She is voiced by Matsuki, Miyu.

Anna is an extremely beautiful and attractive clear-skinned girl with silver hair, teal-blue eyes, and large breasts. She is most often shown wearing her school uniform and wearing a necklace with a pendant resembling a snowflake. She is shown as a Yandere throughout the series.

26. Gina Boyd from How heavy are the dumbbells you lift?

Anime Girls With White Hair - Gina Boyd

Gina “Zina Void” Boyd is one of the supporting characters from How heavy are the dumbbells you lift? She is voiced by Touyama, Nao.

Gina is a tall teenage girl with chin-length white hair and blue eyes. When gymming, she wears a short gray tank top and matching gray short shorts.

25. Furano Yukihira from My Mental Choices Are Completely Interfering With My School Romantic Comedy?

Anime Girls With White Hair - Furano Yukihira

Furano Yukihira is the main character from My Mental Choices Are Completely Interfering With My School Romantic Comedy? She is voiced by Kondou, Yui.

Furano is a young girl with short silver-white hair and has two long bangs that frame her face, reaching the base of her neck, while the middle part of her hair almost reached her nose. On the right side of her hair, she also wears a hair clip in the shape of a woolly sheep. She has a pair of round deep magenta eyes. So far, she has only been seen wearing the standard girl’s uniform.

Furano is a somewhat quiet girl with the ability to crack weird and lame jokes while keeping on a perfect poker face. Even if, for some reason, she does sometimes laugh at her own weird humor.

24. Masuzu Natsukawa from Oreshura

Anime Girls With White Hair - Masuzu Natsukawa

Masuzu Natsukawa is the main character from Oreshura. She is voiced by Tamura, Yukari.

Masuzu is an extremely beautiful fair-skinned girl with deep blue eyes, straight waist-length silver hair and bangs that fall just above her eyes. Despite the fact that Masuzu looks slim in her school uniform, she is actually very well-endowed and has a curvaceous figure, as shown whenever she wears her swimsuit.

23. Illyasviel von Einzbern from Fate

Anime Girls With White Hair - Illyasviel von Einzbern

Illyasviel von Einzbern is one of the main characters from Fate franchise. She is voiced by Kadowaki, Mai.

Illyasviel has red eyes and long silver hair. She wears many casual outfits but the more recognizable ones are her regular school uniform, summer school uniform.

22. Origami Tobiichi from Date A Live

Anime Girls With White Hair - Origami Tobiichi

Origami Tobiichi is one of the main characters from Date A Live. She is voiced by Togashi, Misuzu.

Origami has the look of a young, attractive female with blue eyes, and short, silvery-white hair arranged in a bob cut with three hair clips in the right part of her hair.

21. Eucliwood Hellscythe from Is This a Zombie?

Anime Girls With White Hair - Eucliwood Hellscythe

Eucliwood Hellscythe is one of the main characters from Is This a Zombie? She is voiced by Mitsuishi, Kotono.

Eu has a very distinct appearance of a young human girl from the medieval times. She has straight silver hair that goes well past her waist and blue eyes. She clads herself in silver armor, and wears a purple dress underneath. Eu always wears a piece of armor on her forehead, even when bathing, since it acts as a suppressor for her abilities.

20. Seitenshi From Black Bullet

Anime Girls With White Hair - Seitenshi

Seitenshi is one of the Supporting characters from Black Bullet. She is voiced by Toyosaki, Aki.

Seitenshi is an extremely beautiful young female of pale skin and small frame. She is gifted with thin, white eyebrows and thick, superlative white eyelashes surrounding rounds eyes that encompass light irises. Her hair, which covers her forehead, leaving only several portions visible, is kept in messy standard; moving to the center of her face. A pack of hair falls directly to her small nose, in between her eyes. She possesses a small neck and thin lips, as well as ears that are hidden under her white hair

19. Suigintou from Rozen Maiden

Anime Girls With White Hair - Suigintou

Suigintou is one of the Main characters from Rozen Maiden. She is voiced by Tanaka, Rie.

She is portrayed with silver-white hair and red eyes, the latter of which are purposefully shown to have narrow, slit pupils. She wears a black headband with black lace trimming. Each side of the headband ends with two black bows; the headband also sports a black rosette on top. A black neck ribbon is tied around her neck, and her dress is white and black. It has a matching rosette on the chest just like the one on the headband.

18. Laura Bodewig from IS: Infinite Stratos

Anime Girls With White Hair - Laura Bodewig

Laura Bodewig is one of the Main characters from IS: Infinite Stratos. She is voiced by Inoue, Marina.

Laura has very pale skin, long silver hair, a red right eye, and a black eye patch over her yellow/golden left eye. This was the result of a failed nanomachine experiment that was meant to help her become a better IS pilot. Laura is both the shortest and most petite of the female heroines.

17. Lisanna Strauss from Fairy Tail

Lisanna Strauss is one of the Supporting characters from Fairy Tail. She is voiced by Sakurai, Harumi.

Lisanna is shown as a young petite girl with short, white hair and blue eyes. As a child, Lisanna wore a simple, pink dress paired with dark red shoes.

16. Librorum Prohibitorum Index from Toaru Majutsu no Index

Anime Girls With White Hair - Librorum Prohibitorum Index

Librorum Prohibitorum Index is one of the Main Character of A Certain Magical Index. She is voiced by Iguchi, Yuka.

Index is small in stature, has a petite build, and, much to her chagrin, a flat chest. She has thigh length, silver hair, and large green eyes. She is also often seen wearing her Walking Church, a white, and modified nun’s habit with gold highlights. It is an accurate replica of the Holy Shroud of Turin and offered Index ultimate protection from most attacks, however, it was destroyed by Touma’s right hand. She still wears it, though safety pins are now needed to hold it together.

15. Nao Tomori from Charlotte

Anime Girls With White Hair - Nao Tomori

Nao Tomori is one of the Main Character of Charlotte. She is voiced by Sakura, Ayane.

Nao is a young girl with long blonde-grey hair that occasionally appears pale blonde or white throughout the episodes. Her hair is tied in two tails with dark hair ties and has big blue eyes. She is often seen wearing her uniform which consists of a red blazer with a yellow bow tie, and a reddish-brown pleated skirt. Her school uniform also consists of gray knee-length socks with brown boots.

14. Kanade Tachibanafrom Angel Beats!

Anime Girls With White Hair - Kanade Tachibana

Kanade Tachibana is one of the Main Character of Angel Beats! She is voiced by Hanazawa, Kana.

Kanade is a very beautiful white-skinned girl with waist-length white hair (it is often mistaken to be a shade of blue in the Light Novel) that is half tied by a hair clip with bangs covering either of her eyebrows, gold eyes with hints of auburn/brown in certain lighting and her eyes appear to be slightly cat eyed/curved up to fit with her mysterious/kuudere vibe.

13. Kyouko Kirigiri from Danganronpa

Anime Girls With White Hair - Kyouko Kirigiri

Kyouko Kirigiri is one of the Main Character of Danganronpa. She is voiced by Hikasa, Youko.

She has purple eyes and a pale complexion. She wears her long lavender hair down with a single braid on her left side, tied with a black ribbon.

Kyoko’s outfit consists of a dark purple collared blazer jacket with six brown buttons over a zipped up long-sleeved white blouse and a brown tie with a bird-like symbol on it. She also wears a black short skirt, heeled knee-high purple boots with equally knee-high light purple socks.

12. Najenda from Akame ga Kill!

Anime Girls With White Hair - Najenda

Najenda is one of the Supporting Character of Akame ga Kill!. She is voiced by Mizuno, Risa.

Najenda is a woman with short silver hair and purple eyes. She wears an eyepatch where her right eye used to be. She wears a black suit that shows her cleavage. She has a mechanical right arm.

11. Saphentite Neikes from Monster Musume no Oishasan

Anime Girls With White Hair - Saphentite Neikes

Saphentite Neikes is one of the Main Character of Monster Girl Doctor. She is voiced by Oonishi, Saori.

Sapphee is a part of the lamia species; a half humanoid, half serpent, monster. She has a long, white serpentine body descending from her waist with long waist length silver hair. Her upper body is humanoid, shapely and lithe with large, bright red eyes. She wears a black mesh skin suit under a strapless, white cupped bralette.

10. Koneko Toujou from High School DxD

Anime Girls With White Hair - Koneko Toujou

Koneko Toujou is one of the Main Character of High School DxD. She is voiced by Taketatsu, Ayana.

Koneko is a petite girl with white hair and gold eyes. The front of her hair has two long bangs going past her shoulders and several loose bangs hanging over her forehead, while the back has a short bob cut. She also wears a black cat-shaped hair clip on both sides of her hair, one of which contained the data on artificially making new Super Devils. She usually wears the Kuoh Academy girls’ school uniform, without the shoulder cape.

9. Mirajane Strauss from Fairy Tail.

Anime Girls With White Hair - Mirajane Strauss

Mirajane Strauss is supporting protagonist of Fairy Tail. She is voiced by Ono, Ryouko.

Mirajane is a slim young woman of below average height. She has long, white hair which curls slightly at the ends, with two bangs framing her face and reaching down to her chest; her hairstyle’s most distinctive trait is a short, upward ponytail obtained by gathering and tying the hair covering her forehead. Due to her always adopting such fashion, her hair seems to have adapted to it, with the hair on her forehead remaining pointed upwards even when not tied.

8. Kanna Kamui from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Anime Girls With White Hair - Kanna Kamui

Kanna Kamui is main character of Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. She is voiced by Naganawa, Maria.

In her human form, Kanna has white-lavender hair and blue eyes. She is very cute and appealing. Her style of clothing has been described as “gothic lolita with a tribal theme” (courtesy of Kobayashi). Her usual attire consists of a white capelet with a fur collar, a pink blouse, a white frilly skirt, and pink doll shoes. She ties her hair into pigtails, each adorned with three dark blue beads.

7. Meiko Honma from Anohana

Anime Girls With White Hair - Meiko Honma

Meiko Honma is one of the main character of Anohana. She is voiced by Kayano, Ai.

As a child, Meiko appears as a small 5-year-old little girl with long, straight, silver hair that reaches past her shoulders and a bayang causing her forehead to be more prominent. Her eyes are light blue and wide, making her look like a cheerful, innocent young girl.

6. Elizabeth Liones from Seven Deadly Sins

Anime Girls With White Hair - Elizabeth Liones

Elizabeth Liones is main character of Seven Deadly Sins. She is voiced by Amamiya, Sora.

Elizabeth is a beautiful young woman with a slender yet curvaceous figure with a big bust and regular height. She has very pale skin, large light blue eyes which can turn orange while gaining a triskele (though initially it only was her right eye), and long silver hair reaching her waist. Elizabeth always wears a blue earring with the symbol of the Liones royal family, compromising of the sun, the moon, and stars.

5. Freya from DanMachi.

Anime Girls With White Hair - Freya from DanMachi

Freya is one of the supporting character of DanMachi. She is voiced by Amamiya, Sora.

Freya has a beauty that is superior and outstanding even among the gods. She has long silver hair, silver eyes (purple in the anime), and white skin like that of fresh snow. She has a perfect golden ratio, enough to think that the golden ratio originated from her. Her clothes are in large part black and red, they expose most of her stomach and breasts. She also wears two flower-like ornaments in her hair.

4. Emilia from Re: Zero

Anime Girls With White Hair - Emilia

Emilia is main character of Re: Zero. She is voiced by Takahashi, Rie.

Emilia is a beautiful Half-Elf with long silver hair and purple-blue eyes. She wears a white and purple outfit along with a white flower in her hair. Although she appears to be in her late teens.

3. Vladilena Milizé from 86 (Eighty Six)

Anime Girls With White Hair - Vladilena Milizé

Vladilena Milizé is main character of 86 (Eighty Six). She is voiced by Hasegawa, Ikumi.

Lena has the silver eyes and Platinum hair. Lena typically wears the Republic Army’s Prussian blue and white female dress uniform. She also wears various dresses, ranging from an old-fashioned silk gown she wears within her family’s estate to a black evening dress that resembled mourning clothes at the Lune Palace.

2. Elaina from The Journey of Elaina

Anime Girls With White Hair - Elaina

Elaina is main character of The Journey of Elaina. She is voiced by Hondo, Kaede.

Elaina has ashen hair, the source of her witch name. She has been often described as pretty, and cute. On her broom she flies from country to country with her long, black robes adorning the lengths of her arms and trailing behind her with every weave and turn. Her purple-blue eyes peer out from beneath a black tricorn hat to reveal beautiful and silky ashen hair that flows down her back like clouds flowing through summer skies. On her chest is pinned a star-shaped brooch—signifying her status as a witch.

1. Aurora Suya Rhys Kaymin from Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle

Anime Girls With White Hair - Princess Syalis

Princess Syalis is main character of Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle. She is voiced by Minase, Inori.

Princess Syalis is a petite and slender girl with white-light purple hair that is tied into four sections with purple ribbons at the bottom. She has purple eyes with star-shaped pupils, which is the mark that represents the Royal Family. On her head, she wears a yellow headband in the shape of a crown with a dark pink ribbon laced around. She wears purple bear-shaped stockings and pink shoes with a white fluff ball on top of a dark pink bow.

What do you think of the above list of best anime girls with white hair?

Every anime girl with the white hair in this list have their own charm, uniqueness, and personality. Some might be harsh, some cold, some might be cute, and some might be shy. They all have something unique about them. White Haired Anime girls are truly Angels, not by their appearance but by their personalities as well.

Tell me your favorite white haired anime girl on the comment below, If I missed any of your favorite characters with white hair, then lets me know in the comment section.